Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board



At the NIPDB, we eliminate red tape and bottlenecks in order to ease investors’ entry into Namibia and subsequently establish their businesses. We do this by providing a comprehensive solution for investors to register their businesses and ensure compliance with the range of policies and legislation that govern their business operations. Through our One-Stop Centre, we offer the following services to investors:


The one-stop centre will house the following entities:

OrganisationActivity at the One-Stop Centre & Applicable Policies
Business and Intellectual Property Authority
Activities: Registration of Defensive anme, Private/Public and Close Cotrporations
City of Windhoek
Activities: Issuance of business registration/certificate of fitness.
Ministry of Agriculture Water and Land Reform
Activities: Issuance of various importation permits related to plants and plant products, animal and animal products and phytosanitary certificate (export permits).
The registration of immovable properties and real estate rights granted by financial institutions in the country.
Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism
Activities: Issuing environmental clearance certificates, permits for the utilization of wildlife and plant species and the issuing of gambling licenses among others
Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security (MHAISS)Activities: Granting and issuing of visas and permits to foreign nationals, among others
Ministry of Mines and Energy
Activities: Issuing of various licences and permits related to Mineral Rights, Diamond and Petroleum activities.
Namibia Competition Commission
Activities: Issuing certificates of clearance, granting of exemption certificates for certain restrictive practices and intellectual property rights. Ensuring that all undertakings doing business in Namibia adhere to compliance with the Act.
Namibia Industrial Development Agency
Activities: Availing of land and industrial property

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