Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board



We offer an array of services for potential investors to facilitate a seamless transition into doing business in our country.

On this page, you will find information to assist you in beginning or furthering your journey as an investor in Namibia. We aim to unlock investment opportunities by promoting and facilitating investments by foreign and Namibian investors and new ventures that will ultimately contribute to economic development and sustainable job creation.

We offer specific information about industries of interest, policies and laws and regulations involved in each specific sector, and we can facilitate the administration of the investment itself. The department has a strong focus on business facilitation for investors and realising investment opportunities, which include:

  • Engaging with potential foreign or domestic investors to develop bankable projects/investment opportunities.
  • Working with the investor and assisting in the development of the investment from initial lead development, upto the implementation of the opportunity.
  • Facilitating engagements and information exchange with key SOE’s, agencies and Ministries in order to expedite investor queries.

Moreover, we can facilitate discussions with the state for access to state owned land and with private landowners for privately owned land.

Sector Profiles

To assist you with your investment decision, we have outlined Namibia’s top performing sectors that are ripe for investment and provide general information about Namibia. We have become a preferred investment destination and are keen for you to learn more about our country. Please see our various publications here.

Interested in starting a new project?

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Interested in becoming a financier for a new or existing project?

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