Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board



Agriculture & Food Processing

The production and processing of food, especially high value fruits & vegetables, meat & dairy products and beverages. Namibia already has very lucrative livestock and high value fruits (including grapes, dates and blueberries) industries, and the main exports are to Europe. All these industries are expected to grow substantially in the near future. Therefore, investment opportunities exist across the sector, particularly at primary level production.

Metals, Mining & Adjacent Industries

All activities in, and in support of, the mining sector, as well as the production and processing of various metals, sand, concrete & construction materials. The mining industry in the country is thriving, and has historically driven FDI to Namibia. Given its size and prospects for growth due to new ore discoveries, it offers many opportunities both within mining itself, as well as the industries that serve it.

Chemicals & Basic Materials

The production and processing of various chemicals, plastics & rubbers. With an existing and successful salt industry, established plastics value chains, excellent logistical connections facilitating required imports and exports, and proximity to the regional mining, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors, Namibia is set to rapidly expand its Chemicals & Basic Materials industries. Investment opportunities in this sector due to an available workforce and well developed logistical and ICT network.

Machinery & Electronics

The manufacturing of machinery & tools (especially in support of target sectors), pumps, engines, appliances & electronics, as well as the parts thereof. Although the sector is an infant industry in Namibia, the country’s world class transport and logistics infrastructure, educated and unemployed workforce, national funding available for retraining and substantial political will, as well as the regional and international demand, especially in light of the new Africa Continental Free Trade Area and key international trade agreements, make it an attractive investment opportunity.

Transportation & Logistics

The manufacturing, maintenance and operation of components, machinery, vehicles & infrastructure for transportation & logistics. The country boasts two world class ports, as well as a road network that has been named the highest quality in Africa for a number of years, connecting to regional markets and supply chains. The transportation & logistics industries have always been lucrative and are expected to grow exponentially as both the local and regional economies grow and become even more interconnected.

Renewable Energy

All activities involved in the utilization of sources of renewable energy, especially solar and wind energy, and specifically as it relates to the production and trade of electricity under the Modified Single Buyer market model, including export to the SAPP. It is no secret that Namibia has some of the best solar and wind resources in the world. Recently, the economic value thereof has been increasingly realized through new electricity market rules, which allow private producers to sell directly to individual customers, electricity traders to buy and sell electricity and exporters to tap into the massive opportunity that is the Southern African Power Pool, all by making use of the national grid for transmission. The AU’s announcement of an intended African Continental Power Pool makes this industry even more lucrative. Moreover, Namibia has joined the green hydrogen revolution, strategically positioning herself for green hydrogen production.


All activities involved in the promotion, expansion and operation of the tourism industry in Namibia. Tourism and Hospitality has become synonymous with Namibia and ranks high in conservation policies. As a hidden prime tourist destination in Africa, Namibia’s tourism industry remains unmatched, offering unique attractions and heritage. The industry is expected to expand substantially in the coming years and offers real value for investments.

Global Business Services

The provision of business services to international clients over digital channels using local Namibian labor. Due to the accelerated development of ICT in Namibia, including superfast data transmission and internet connectivity, a politically stable environment, reliable electricity supply, as well as the multilingual nature of the Namibian population, the global business services industry is expected to grow.

BIdding Process

All projects by public entities are undertaken either through Public Procurement or a Public-Private Partnership arrangement, and are subject to a competitive bidding process in line with the Public Procurement Act, 2015 or Public-Private Partnership Act, 2017.

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